Five Tips for Managing a Brand on the Web

Want to involve social media in your brand management strategy? Here’s five tips for managing a brand on the web:

1. Use existing content from your audience.
By re-publishing content that’s already being shared online, you not only avoid lengthy creation timescales and processes, you also share the voices of real people. Something that social media users respond to very strongly

2. Create once, publish everywhere.
Ask yourself one big question. Why are you separating out all the forms of digital comms and what if you miss one? Do you roll it in mid-campaign? Sure, you might not get it right first time, but adaptability should be part of your strategy anyway.

3. Listen, don’t preach.
Take time to review the chatter online, but don’t take it personally. You are looking to guide general trends, not be reactive to every subset of the market. Customers want short interactions with quality information and honesty. That’s it.

4. Get deep into your niche.
Social media gives you access to some very niche markets, which people self select themselves into. A brand manager’s dream? Yes, if you manage your presence correctly. Don’t look for niches and then be generic. Get sharp.

5. Don’t join in.
Data and information are social kudos for brand fanatics. No-one loves a wise-guy/gal. Let the community blow their own trumpet, you don’t need to. Be careful how you reward your biggest brand fanatics. Base it on simple maths and let your community reward themselves, don’t try to make value judgements about content or you’ll get it wrong.

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