Internet’s impact over TV industry and online ad campaigns efficiency, to be analyzed at ICEEfest

ICEEfest will analyze in detail, during the 1st day of the event, the impact internet and digital video content have over the development of TV industry. This is a sensitive subject especially in Romania, where outlawing the TV rebate by the Government makes people wonder if video ad budgets will migrate towards internet. Also, globally, producers are asking themselves if it’s wiser to keep the content on their own websites or to offer it to different platforms.

In this context, the official launch of YouTube in Romania came with an obvious message, namely TV video campaigns cannot go around internet anymore.

During the 1st session, Tomasz Czudowski, YouTube’s representative, will make an applied presentation. It will be followed by another an analysis made by a Google team, which will consider the relationship with content producers and the way advertising market is approached.

The content training will be held by Maciej Sojka, responsible for content partnerships YouTube has in CEE, with the discussion aimed to clarify video content producers’ questions on how the video content must be used online to be efficiently monetized. The rest of the article here.