Improve your Linkedin profile visibility in 48 hrs


Linkedin is by far the most important channel to use for the growth of your personal brand, the quality and numbers of your network, land the next best job and generate sales leads. That’s why having an optimized profile is an absolute key to stand-out for business and personal success in a very crowded online space.

If your profile is viewed by anyone else but the ones you want to actually see it there is surely a problem with your profile. Maybe you are using the CV copy + paste formula which worked like 5 years ago but has stopped to work these days.

Our copywriting team at Mushbloom has rewritten +200 Linkedin profiles in the last 6 months just based on requests from our returning customers and the service is very fast (turnaround in 48 hrs straight – Monday to Sunday), highly researched, 100% personalized and with an unbeatable price tag.

In a hurry? You can have it done for you in three steps:

1. Order here!
2. Send an e-mail with your Linkedin profile link and the purchase receipt to office(at);
3. You will receive from us a questionnaire via e-mail with the most important points to be answered for the purpose of building a profile as close to perfection possible.

You will receive our tailored services either via e-mail so you could add them to your profile or we can implement them for you at no additional costs, just that we will establish a moment when you are online to do this because we will need to login to your profile (with a temporary password) and Linkedin will send you a login code which will be needed.

You have the opportunity today to receive to have created and crafted an authentic and engaging Linkedin profile.

Your online presence will grow geometrically and so your personal brand in the eyes of potential recruiters and/ or clients.

Your profile will be an extension to your CV not just a copy of it.

Your new Linkedin profile will be the catalyst for your improved network and future opportunities.

Our bespoke personalized service will be performed after we will understand very well your goals so you could enjoy not only enhanced visibility and targeted traffic to your profile but it will take you closer to the desired job and/ or working with the ideal clients.

Click here if you would like our copywriting team to build the most suitable Linkedin profile for you!

Benefit in 48 hrs (from the moment we receive the answers to the questionnaire) from our tailored services to stand out from anyone else.

As a bonus you will receive free access to our online course “Linkedin Rainmaker” (£97) which highlights the strategies to land the dream job and also using Linkedin to get in touch with your ideal customers).